Ruleguard by example: External types

package gorules

import ""

// Imagine that you're using the sqlx package.
// You have runQuery() and runQueryContext() wrappers to exec SQL queries.
// What you would like to do is to suggest runQueryContext() whether it's possible.
// Now we need to check if the runQuery() argument is capable of ExecContext() and
// if it is, propose the runQueryContext() as an alternative.

func execContext(m dsl.Matcher) {
	// First, we need to tell ruleguard what do we mean when we say "sqlx" inside
	// the type filters. Import() works for the current group scope.

	// Now it's as simple as it was before: check whether $e implements the
	// interface from the imported package.
	m.Match(`runQuery($e, $*_)`).
		Report(`prefer runQueryContext`)
$ ruleguard -c 0 -rules rules.go main.go
main.go:13:2: prefer runQueryContext
13		runQuery(&db, "SELECT 9000")
package main

import (


func main() {
	var db sqlx.DB
	var execer sqlx.Execer // Doesn't implement sqlx.ExecerContext

	runQuery(&db, "SELECT 9000")
	runQuery(execer, "SELECT 9000")

func runQuery(e sqlx.Execer, rest ...interface{}) {}

func runQueryContext(ctx context.Context, e sqlx.ExecerContext, rest ...interface{}) {}


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